​My self esteem is my confidence

My self esteem is my confidence.

I feel that if I compromised my self esteem then I will become weak.

So I will never compromise with self esteem.

My deal with self-esteem will tell me every moment of my life that at some time I was so weak.

I have compromised with my self-esteem, I do not want to feel this weakness again and again.

If I compromised once with my self esteem, it would mean that I killed my self belief forever.And I will never be able to feel it so firmly.

My self esteem is that part of my life which gives me the confidence of having a strong side in front of others.

My self-respect gives me the freedom that I feel myself strong.

My self esteem gives me  strong confidence in taking big decisions.

I will not change my self esteem with stubbornness But I will never make any compromise with it for a moment.


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